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There are a few organisations I have partnered with that can help to provide special offers and services.  

These can be mortgage related,  lifestyle enhancing, or improving the quality of life.

There is something for everyone, just scroll below

I created this group to share ideas and help with knowledge so that people you may know can benefit from mortgage advice. Please feel free to share any information relating to your area of work that could benefit other.

This group is a community and is here to help one another, so if you would like to ask a question that is not mortgage related, please feel free to do so, there will be a member in the group who will be able to answer the question.

Every Monday, I invite all members of the group to promote their business links. Please feel free to take up this offer and lets see if we can all work together to help with referrals.

Every Wednesday there is a Facebook Live Side By Side with a Special guest who talks about their industry and every Thursday, I hold my own Facebook Live on a topic related to Mortgages, Protection and General Insurance. Feel free to get involved and ask any questions related to the topic. If you cannot join in, the replay will be in the Group Page.


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